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About us

The DMT group provides independent services in the four main fields of Exploration, Engineering, Consulting and Geotechnics. DMT also develops products and offers solutions for industrial metrology and testing with emphasis on natural resources, safety and infrastructure.

The DMT group occupies 30 offices worldwide thereby making use of over 20 of its own accredited testing laboratories and expert bodies and employs around 100 officially recognized experts.

In our Rope Testing Centre (accredited testing laboratory for non-destructive and destructive testing) we assess and evaluate individual products and components made of metallic and non-metallic materials.

Our in house testing facilities can apply static tensile forces up to 20 MN, dynamic tests are possible up to 5,500 kN pulling force.

Our non destructive testing methods, regularly executed on clients sites worldwide, comprise particularly magneto-inductive testing of offshore steel wire crane ropes (MRT).

Products and services

The condition of a steel wire rope cannot be determined at a single glance. Professional testing of the condition of a wire rope clarifies whether it is in a fit state for further use without cause for concern. Based on the findings of such tests it is possible to estimate the remaining service life of a wire rope.

DMT makes use of more than 100 years experience of testing wire ropes and cables. Our services begin with the monitoring of wire rope production at the manufacturers, include the determination of parameters by load tests in our workshops and extend to non-destructive testing of installed wire ropes.

We test moving and stationary cables and wire ropes:

  • Offshore wire ropes
  • Hoisting cables 
  • Crane cables 
  • Cableway and cable car cables 
  • Bridge wire ropes 
  • Stay and anchoring wire ropes
Magnetic rope testing at offshore crane ropes

Magnetic rope testing at offshore crane ropes

After installation of the magnetic rope testing (MRT) device at the crane rope (here onboard of an offshore construction vessel) the rope can be lowerded to the seebed. By running the crane rope through the magnetic head of the MRT device at a constant rope speed the whole rope length can be tested within a couple of hours.

More than 80 successfull executed offshore MRT operations worldwide during the last 5 years illustrate our capabilities.

Destructive testing up to 20 MN breaking force

Destructive testing up to 20 MN breaking force

Safety does not just begin at the point of installation. At our Rope Testing Centre we have the facilities to put your components through a
whole series of exercise tests well before they are put into practical service. The performance and quality of your product is scrutinised in our test program to determine its mechanical and technological properties. Our standard test routines include tensile strength as well as dynamic stability testing on ropes and other tension members.

Tested and declared fit for purpose

Tested and declared fit for purpose

No qualms about walking across a bridge? In no doubt about the stability of masts and cranes? Convinced that oil rigs will remain firmly anchored at sea? Then you will know about DMT´s continuous testing work on guyed structures.
From the production stage across on-site inspection up to post discarding analysis we can issue a comprehensive status report on the current condition of steel wire ropes and cables. Our experiences base on more than a hundred years’ experience in the business.


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