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NETZSCH ESPCP prevents blowout and environmental impact from leaks

For transporting multi-phase mixtures with high gas content to the surface from more than 1,000 m below, a suitable extraction system is required. Centrifugal pumps with submersible drive are not suitable due to the high risk of failure from gas lock, while the progressing cavity pumps with above-ground drive – as commonly used in Central Europe – pose the risk of a blowout on the surface. NETZSCH therefore designed a progressing cavity pump which is driven underground – the NETZSCH ESPCP. The special feature of this pump is that the rotation of the rotor is not driven via a very long shaft or linkage, but rather the rotor-stator combination and the motor are sunk into the well. All radial and axial forces of the rotor are absorbed by a special underground bearing housing. In addition to this, the dynamic seal is also located in the deep well. This moves all critical components of the pumping solution below ground, precluding environmental impact from leaks above ground.

Exhibitor: NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH

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