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For more than 60 years, NETZSCH has manufactured positive displacement pumps worldwide. Designed specifically for difficult pumping situations, NETZSCH pumps range in size from the industry’s smallest metering to high volume pumps for applications in the oil and gas industries.

With a production of over 55,000 pumps per year NETZSCH underlines the technology and market leadership, which it has gained thanks to the quality of the pumps and spare parts. It is guaranteed by the core competence and vertical manufacturing which we have built up over the many decades. With the worldwide implementation of common standards in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 in development and research the company guarantees the highest quality at each of the five production sites.

NETZSCH has been supplying NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, NOTOS multi screw pumps, macerators/grinders, dosing technology and equipment for custom built and challenging solutions for every applications.

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As a manufacturer of positive displacement pumps since more than 60 years, NETZSCH presents pumps specially designed for applications in the oil and gas industries.

NEMO® progressing cavity pumps are used to convey media continuously, smoothly, with low pulsation and dosing in proportion to speed. They are primarily suitable for media containing solids (solid size up to 150 mm), from low to high viscosity, abrasive, aggressive (pH 0-14), adhesive or toxic.

TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps are designed for intermittent or continuous operation. Their major benefits include minimal space requirements, high performance density, maximum operational reliability and particular easy service and maintenance.

NOTOS® multi screw pumps are designed to work with low to high lubricant fluids, low to high viscosity, shear sensitive or chemically aggressive media. The markets covered by the NOTOS® are Oil & Gas, Marine industry, Power and General industry.

NOTOS® multi screw pump

The NOTOS® multi screw pumps cover a wide range of applications thanks to the unique design. They work with low to high lubricant fluids, low to high viscosity, shear sensitive or chemically aggressive media.

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NEMO® progressing cavity pump

NEMO® progressing cavity pumps are used in all sectors of industries to convey almost all types of media continuously, smoothly, with low pulsation and dosing in proportion to speed.

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TORNADO® rotary lobe pump

The TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps offer high performance and are selected and configured for the individual requirements of each application.

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News & Innovations

NEMO® progressing cavity pumps guarantee constant delivery rate regardless of the product viscosity

Crude oil with a high sand content is one of the most difficult conveying media: On the one hand, the consistency is not clearly predictable because of the constantly changing composition and, on the other hand, the sand particles contained in the oil are highly abrasive. The associated wear means that traditional pumps have to be repaired or even replaced frequently, which means money for new systems or losses as a result of downtime.

NETZSCH therefore recommends the use of its tried-and-tested NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, that are distinguished by their low shear and easily controllable pumping system with solid matter compatibility at the same time. Especially adapted for the adverse conditions of an oilfield, the NEMO® progressing cavity pumps guarantee absolute reliability for at least 10,000 hours, which means over one year in continuous operation.


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NETZSCH ESPCP prevents blowout and environmental impact from leaks

For transporting multi-phase mixtures with high gas content to the surface from more than 1,000 m below, a suitable extraction system is required. Centrifugal pumps with submersible drive are not suitable due to the high risk of failure from gas lock, while the progressing cavity pumps with above-ground drive – as commonly used in Central Europe – pose the risk of a blowout on the surface. NETZSCH therefore designed a progressing cavity pump which is driven underground – the NETZSCH ESPCP. The special feature of this pump is that the rotation of the rotor is not driven via a very long shaft or linkage, but rather the rotor-stator combination and the motor are sunk into the well. All radial and axial forces of the rotor are absorbed by a special underground bearing housing. In addition to this, the dynamic seal is also located in the deep well. This moves all critical components of the pumping solution below ground, precluding environmental impact from leaks above ground.


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NOTOS® multi screw pumps strip out even highly viscous media

Tanks to entire tank farms are the backbone of many industries, in particular in the oil and fuel sector. But these types of media are often highly viscous, making it difficult to empty or ‘strip’ all the medium out of the tanks. Residual product is normally left behind, significantly reducing the useful volume of the tank. More and more companies in these sectors are now using NOTOS® multi screw pumps from NETZSCH to maximize the profitability of their tanks. The performance of the pumps is unaffected by heat, as the robust units are designed for temperatures up to 300 °C. This is possible thanks to the range of materials that are used for the pumps. In combination with a pump chamber with geometry designed for optimum flow and to minimize turbulences, it is possible to achieve high rates of efficiency while still gently pumping the medium.


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