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Rheonik Messtechnik GmbH has over forty years of experience in the design and manufacture of Coriolis Mass Flow Meters. The company started in 1986 and a program of continual research and development has led to the unique Omega shaped Coriolis Mass Flowmeter design manufactured today. Unlike other Coriolis meter types, the Omega design can be applied in processes with extreme operating conditions.

Today, Rheonik offers accurate and reliable high pressure Coriolis flow metering solutions for offshore chemical injection applications. With operating pressures of up to 20,000psi, flow range 1g/min (~0.15gph) up to 400kg/min (~100gpm) and sizes from ¼” to 1½“, Rheonik Omega Coriolis Flow Sensors can meet the needs of every offshore high pressure flow metering requirement. Connections are MP cone/thread or any proprietary hub.

Rheonik is based in Odelzhausen, just outside of Munich and maintains a worldwide network of agents and distributors providing sales, service and support to thousands of satisfied customers.

Products and services

Each flow meter consists of a fully featured electronic flow transmitter and high specification mass flow sensor. Having a remote transmitter makes sensors extremely compact and ideal for tight spaces. Transmitters have an explosion proof stainless steel enclosure designed specifically for the rugged offshore environment. Sensors are available with a variety of wetted materials to suit corrosive chemicals and their lack of moving parts makes them an obvious substitute for traditional high maintenance mechanical meters, particularly on streams with entrained solids.

RHM80 Large Size Coriolis Sensor

The RHM80 for allocation and custody transfer flow rates up to 8,000 kg/min excels in tough applications where high temperatures, pressures and corrosive fluids are present. Its heavy duty construction withstands extreme applications without losing Coriolis meter performance. Major advantages of the Omega shape design comprise resilience to external noise, vibration and to pipe pressure changes. The RHM80 is available for extreme pressure up to 4,900 psi.

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RHM Coriolis Flow Sensor Family

The RHM range of High Pressure Coriolis sensors range in size from ¼” to 1½” and are rated to a continuous 20,000psi operating pressure. They provide a low maintenance flow measurement solution in a compact and space saving footprint. This unique, Omega-shaped design is renowned for its incredible stability and performance in the most difficult of applications while being one of the simplest to install, configure and operate.

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RHE21 Coriolis Flow Transmitter

The RHE21 is a field mounted multi-function transmitter with an Ex d stainless steel enclosure designed for the rugged offshore environment. The unit features mass, volume, density and temperature measurement plus totalizers, enabling e.g. volume calculation to API standards, net oil calculation and standard gas volume. Comprehensive I/O includes analog and digital in/out, HART and Modbus over RS485. The Rheonik Assurance Suite provides in-depth diagnostics of flow meter performance.

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News & Innovations


Rheonik Messtechnik GmbH are pleased to introduce the expansion of their highly successful and field proven Omega Coriolis Flow meter range to cover chemical injection applications up to 20,000psi.

Coriolis meters are highly desirable in these applications for their low maintenance overhead, high accuracy performance, and advanced diagnostics capabilities but in the past, mechanical meters have been the only choice for high pressure applications. With expansion of the Omega Coriolis meter range, operators now have options for chemical injection metering.

20,000psi rated flow meters are available in sizes from ¼” to 1½“ and can be supplied with MP cone and thread or any proprietary hub type fittings. Flow range capability is from 1g/min (~0.15gph) up to 400kg/min (~100gpm).

Meters are available with a variety of wetted materials to suit corrosive chemicals. Their lack of moving parts makes them suitable for chemicals with entrained solids that often cause failures in mechanical meters.

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