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DURUM USA’s foray into the Industry began in 1992 concentrating on providing customer-focused solutions related to exploration efforts.
Through innovation and the commitment to quality, productivity and customer service, along with the rest of the DURUM Community, they have become an industry leader regarding hard material products and services.

DURMAT NS-1 approved casing friendly hard facing Wires are specially developed to reduce casing wear and to extend life of tool-joints.
DURUM understands the requirements of the down hole drilling industry and can provide you with unique types of wires made to your specifications.

  • Reduced Casing wear
  • Crack-free Application
  • Ease of Field Application Wires
  • Visually crack-free
  • Extended tool-joint life
  • Cost effectiv
  • Applied onto internally coated pipes

DURMAT Open Hole - Non Casing Friendly hard facing Wires:
Tungsten Carbide based Flux Cored Wires for the best resistance to corrosive and hardest abrasive wear attack available on the market.

Products and services

Our wide range of specialized surface hard-facing materials includes:

  • Tungsten Carbide Rods for oxy-acetylene welding
  • Tungsten carbide tubular and flexible “floppy rods” for extreme wear
  • Nickel, Cobalt or Iron based Flux Cored Wire
  • FCAW wires
  • Tungsten carbide
  • Complex- and chromium carbides
  • PTA welding powders
  • PTA machines, torches and powder feeders
  • Pre-manufactured replacement wear parts
  • Thermal spray powders (DIN EN 1274)
  • Thermal spray wires (DIN EN 14919)

The company is also one of the market leaders in the repair of Non-magnetic tools and parts used in the Oil and Gas Industry. As a result of applying specially-developed products, we can now offer our clients the unique ability to salvage Magnetic and Non-magnetic parts that would otherwise have been scrapped. This represents a major break-through in our research and development program and significant cost-benefit to our clients.


As a result of more than 15 years of in-house development and use, we have now introduced a durable, reliable, mobile PTA machine into the market. The cost- efficient PTA welding system DURWELD 300T PTA is equipped with powerful water cooling unit and can be operated manually or, optionally, with external manipulation devices using CNC or robotic interfaces. Developed and manufactured by DURUM in Germany our DURWELD 300T PTA can also be supplied with an interface to connection to a robot system.

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For over a decade, in conjunction with our customers, we have engineered the technology of applying DURMAT® NIFD wire across a wide array of oilfield equipment. Innovative applications include surface coating the OD and ID of wear sleeves for mud pump motors (lower and upper bearing). These sleeves are then diamond-ground to optimize an exceptionally long-lasting performance solution.

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DURUM is one of the market leaders in the repair of non-magnetic tools and parts used in the oil and gas industry.

This represents a major breakthrough in our research and development program and a significant cost benefit to our client. For example:

• Material overlays on thin non-magnetic parts ensure reduced wear and extended / re-usable part life
• Application of precise and uniform metal overlays to resize tools such as stabilisers to a thickness of over 5 mm

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With over 30 years of experience developing, manufacturing and marketing materials based on tungsten carbides, we have become one of the leading and most consistent partners for protection against wear.

Our products are sold under the registered trade mark DURMAT®. DURMAT® hard facing products protect against abrasion, friction, impact-wear, corrosion and thermal stress. We are able to solve specific wear problems for individual applications using custom blended PTA powders, thermal spray powders and wire, and metal cored welding wire.

DURMAT® products are used in most industrial applications where minimal to extreme wear-resistance is required, such as natural gas extraction and oil recovery, mining, dredging, chemical, cement, coal processing, steel processing, ceramics, agriculture, pump and conveyor, textile and glass, recycling, wood processing and many other industries.

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Typical Applications for DURUM hard facing consumables:

  • Drill-pipe tool-joints (low-friction, low wear)
  • Stabilizers (regular, austenitic, non-magnetic)
  • Radial Bearings OD and ID
  • Fishing Tools (over-shots, spears, under-shots)
  • Cutting and Milling tools
  • Hole Openers
  • Reamers
  • Tri-cone Drill bits (teeth, shirt-tales)
  • PDC bits (tungsten powders)
  • Thermal Desorption Cuttings Treatment Mill

Wear Solutions:

  • Specially created smooth “casing-friendly” overlays for tool-joints operating in cased holes and incredibly wear resistant overlays for the most challenging open-hole conditions
  • Specialized products for the manufacture of PDC and Tricone Bits
  • New, highly automated PTA stabilizer hard facings that are more than a match for traditional, manually built “thermal” dressings (as proven in recent tool-for -tool trials under real downhole conditions)
  • Comprehensive wear protection solutions for Thermal Cuttings Treatment Mills, now adopted as “manufacturer specification”

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DURUM Germany recognized that to satisfy the needs of the large and important US market an independent local company should be established to promote similar products and services offered by DURUM in Europe.
DURUM USA’s initial foray into the Industry began in 1992 concentrating primarily on providing customer-focused solutions related to exploration efforts.
To be successful in this endeavor, DURUM realized early on that it was necessary to determine the extent to which the product offerings met the customers’ needs and expectations as well as the emphasis needed to produce a unique advantage. Through innovation and the commitment to quality, productivity and customer service DURUM USA, along with the rest of the International DURUM Community has become an industry leader regarding hard material products and services.
Leveraging manufacturing facilities in Europe, the United States and South America allows DURUM to efficiently deliver innovative solutions worldwide.

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