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Typical Applications for DURUM hard facing consumables:

  • Drill-pipe tool-joints (low-friction, low wear)
  • Stabilizers (regular, austenitic, non-magnetic)
  • Radial Bearings OD and ID
  • Fishing Tools (over-shots, spears, under-shots)
  • Cutting and Milling tools
  • Hole Openers
  • Reamers
  • Tri-cone Drill bits (teeth, shirt-tales)
  • PDC bits (tungsten powders)
  • Thermal Desorption Cuttings Treatment Mill

Wear Solutions:

  • Specially created smooth “casing-friendly” overlays for tool-joints operating in cased holes and incredibly wear resistant overlays for the most challenging open-hole conditions
  • Specialized products for the manufacture of PDC and Tricone Bits
  • New, highly automated PTA stabilizer hard facings that are more than a match for traditional, manually built “thermal” dressings (as proven in recent tool-for -tool trials under real downhole conditions)
  • Comprehensive wear protection solutions for Thermal Cuttings Treatment Mills, now adopted as “manufacturer specification”

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Exhibitor: DURUM USA


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