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Our wide range of specialized surface hard-facing materials includes:

  • Tungsten carbide rods for oxy-acetylene welding
  • Nickel, cobalt and iron based flux cored wire
  • FCAW wires with tungsten carbide and complex carbides to provide extremely hard and tough coatings, used primarily for extreme wear applications
  • Tungsten carbides, complex carbides and chromium carbides for manual arc welding
  • PTA welding powders
  • PTA machines, torches and powder feeders
  • Powders for oxy-acetylene welding and spraying
  • Fused crushed and spherical tungsten carbides
  • Pre-manufactured replacement wear parts
  • Thermal spray powders (conforming to DIN EN 1274)
  • Thermal spray wires (conforming to DIN EN 14919)

The company is also one of the market leaders in the repair of Non-magnetic tools and parts used in the Oil and Gas Industry. As a result of applying specially-developed products, we can now offer our clients the unique ability to salvage Magnetic and Non-magnetic parts that would otherwise have been scrapped. This represents a major break-through in our research and development program and significant cost-benefit to our clients.

For example:

  • Material overlays on thin Non-magnetic parts to ensure reduced wear and extended/ reusable part life
  • Application of precise and uniform metal overlays to resize tools such as stabilizers – to a thickness of over 5 mm
    Parts commonly repaired include string / near bit stabilizers, sleeves and other specialized directional drilling Wear Parts.

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Exhibitor: DURUM Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH


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