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About us

CEROBEAR is a Germany based manufacturer of custom engineered, high performance hybrid and all-ceramic rolling bearing solutions for the oil & gas, petrochemical, marine & offshore, fluid machinery, aerospace, race car, semi-conductor manufacturing, automation, and machine tool markets. Our bearings enhance the service life and operating performance of any rotating system along the complete value-added chain of the oil & gas industry. From exploration via transportation/distribution to refining and processing, CEROBEAR bearings increase the equipment availability and reliability, cut downtime, maintenance cost, and production loss and thus significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. Our product range comprises all kinds of ball and roller bearings, including thin section bearings. It is based on a portfolio of advanced materials, like high-grade steels (Cronidur® 30, 440C, M50, PM Steels), high-performance ceramics (HIP-Si3N4, Y-TZP zirconia), and high-tech polymers.

Hybrid spherical roller bearings increase the service life of rotating control devices (RCDs).

Hybrid thin section bearings provide maximum load capacity for tight spaces.

Hybrid cylindrical roller bearings combine low friction and very long bearing life.

Hybrid super duplex ACBBs work seamlessly as auxiliary bearings (touchdown bearings) in AMB.

Hybrid needle bearings operate with minimum requirements to lubrication.

Hybrid three-point contact bearings, perfect solutions for gas turbine main shafts.

Hybrid ACBB with oil feed through the outer race, perfect cooling for high speed applications.

Hybrid deep groove ball bearings increase the service life of submerged LNG pumps.


Kaiserstr. 100
52134 Herzogenrath

Phone:  +49 2407 95560

Contact person:

Christian Klatt
Senior Sales & Business Development Specialist
E-mail: christian.klatt@cerobear.com
Phone: +49 173 5220237

Johannes Mohr
Industry Project Engineer
E-mail: johannes.mohr@cerobear.com
Phone: +49 173 5220257

Products & Services

Our product range includes hybrid-ceramic and all-ceramic ball & roller bearings from 6.35 to 520 mm outer diameter

  • Ball Bearings of all types
  • Roller Bearings of all types (cylindrical, tapered, spherical, needle)
  • Thin Section Bearings
  • Combined Ball & Roller Bearings
  • Super Duplex Bearings
  • Matched Bearing Sets
  • Auxiliary Bearings (to AMB)

The CEROBEAR difference for the Oil & Gas, Marine and Offshore industry

  • Advanced materials: Si3N4, Cronidur® 30, PM-Steels, M50, M50 NiL nitride, PEEK, Vespel® etc.
  • Enhanced longevity: increased contact fatigue resistance & reduced wear
  • Reduced total cost of ownership: extended bearing life & enlarged maintenance intervals
  • Superior reliability: improved emergency running properties
  • Design evolution: maximized load capacity & integrated features
  • Increased capabilities: operate at extreme temperatures & in corrosive and polluted environment
  • Enabling of media lubrication: LNG, sea water, drilling fluid

Hybrid ceramic bearings

CEROBEAR hybrid bearings, using Si3N4 rolling elements in combination with advanced bearing steels, provide up to 100 times longer life and thus offer a technical and economical superior alternative where bearings are exposed to:

• High Hertzian Stress (high loads, limited bearing space)
• Highest speed (nxdm ≤ 3.8 mio mm/min)
• Extreme temperatures (-253 °C-800 °C)
• Corrosive environment (moisture, salt, aqueous fluids etc.)
• Deficient lubrication (minimum amounts of lubricant or media lubrication)

Hybrid Angular Contact Ball Bearing

All-ceramic bearings

CEROBEAR’s all-ceramic bearings are the ideal solution for extreme operating conditions like:

• Highly corrosive environment: acids, leaches, sea water
• Severe pollution or erosion
• Oil or grease lubrication is impossible: media lubrication and dry-run
• Extreme temperatures: cryogenic to hot
• When total non-magnetic behavior is required (measuring devices)

All-Ceramic Bearings

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